19 octobre 2017

Auberge du Brand

Turckheim, city of traditions

Turckheim, city of traditions

A little history…

At the entrance to the Munster Valley and just a few miles from Colmar, the picturesque town of Turckheim is surrounded by ramparts with its three gates dating back to the 14th Century.

As you amble through the streets, perhaps you will come across the Night Watchman who will beckon you to follow him for an evening-tide visit (evenings from 1st May to 31st October).

Turckheim is located in the heart of wine-growing Alsace where Turenne inflicted a terrible defeat on the Imperial troops in 1675. The town has been a part of the Decapolis since 1354. From 1450, it became renowned for its wine market. Its nearby “Brand” slopes and granite-based soil is certainly the best located land of all the Alsace vineyards. It is a true "sun basin", completely south-facing, where several fig trees can be seen next to the blackberry bushes.

To find out more on Turckheim, we invite you to browse Laurent Bonicel’s Website on: http://auplaisirduveilleur.club.fr

Worth discovering in Turckheim

The historical tour through the town: the Guard Corps, Renaissance houses, old inns, the 3 gates (France, Munster & Brand), a former “colongère” courtyard (usually owned by town halls for assemblies and tax-paying missions), houses with oriel windows, remains of a square-shaped courtyard, the ramparts, Turenne monuments.

The Brand wine trail: dotted with explanatory boards (portraying work in the vineyards, the vine types, etc.), it provides a wonderful viewpoint over the Alsace plains and the lower Vosges hills.

Memorial Museum of the Colmar Pocket Battles: 25 rue du Conseil, 68230 Turckheim, France – open from 15th April to 15th October.

For more information: Turckheim Tourist Office - www.turckheim.fr

Currently hanging on our walls

The works of Jacqueline Lisowski, Artist and painting teacher in Rouffach.
You will find her paintings and exhibition venues on her Website: http://jacqueline.lisowski.free.fr

"La Terre et le Raku"

We love the clay and raku ware creations by Violette Aubert, who made most of the decorations in our “Auberge”.

An artist who knows how to tame the Art of Raku Ware