19 octobre 2017

Auberge du Brand

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The "Auberge du Brand" Restaurant


“Tasty travels for travellers with taste!”

Wood-panelling and beams dominate this muffled atmosphere. They jealously guard the secrets imparted across our tables due to a preserved intimacy… The walls of the "Auberge" display an array of paintings that beckon to travel (currently Mrs Jacqueline Lisowski’s works are exhibited), which provide an atmosphere mingling tradition and modernity, and where our Chef has conjured up his à-la-carte menu that changes at the turn of a season. A few notes of Alsace with hints from foreign parts - a true mixture of flavours and aromas from the world over.

Our Menu

Our  Menu

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Crunchy praline & chocolate fondant cake

Crunchy praline & chocolate fondant cake